Development company North East Business Park has plans to redevelop a large area as a new mixed-use satellite city on the edge of  Brisbane City. The site enjoys excellent existing transport links via the main north/south transport corridor which carries the M1 Bruce Highway as well as rail.

In drawing up development plans for the site, it has been possible to retain the historical precinct of the site, an area which is now listed on the Queensland Heritage Register as a place of Queensland State significance. This protected area will become part of an outdoor leisure space with pathways and tracks enabling use by the future residents and visitors.

The history of the site will be interpreted from a dedicated facility that delivers a ‘mind map’ of the site before it is experienced first hand. The facility presents real objects on display and allows visitors to appreciate the stories and  significant developments from the distant past up to the present day.

Interpretation delivery will be provided in the landscape alongside a network of heritage trails and using static signage as well as digital content for mobile devices.

The delivery of interpretation will be aimed at school-aged students as well as local, state and international visitors learning about local history and South Sea Islander heritage.

On a broader community level, the South Sea Islander history of the site has presented an opportunity to recognise the contribution made by past generations of South Sea Islanders and provide a tangible, visitable focus for the Island and Australian South Sea Islander community and their descendants. Space is made available for the South Sea Islander community to remember their ancestors at this place.


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